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A Story Of A Fabulous Friendship That Started At Birth

Friendships are some of the most amazing bonds that we create and discover in life. Apart from blood relatives who are bound by default, friendships are the most real form of bond that we have. Because we have no obligation to make anyone our friend until we prove ourselves to be friends.

This profound bond has caused some of the best tales, creations, and many important things in the world. If you think that friendships are made only among humans, you are mistaken. A lot of lifelong bonds and friendships are made among different species. Pets are one of the best examples to see how two species could create a close bond that will last for a lifetime. And this article is also about such a very amazing friendship. Meet Willow and Peaches, a pair of best friends who have been sticking around with each other for years. Peaches is a bulldog who was around 2 years when Willow was born into the family. From the very moment that Willow came into her home, Peaches took a huge interest in her and has always been by her side ever since. Scroll down to read more and check out their lovely photos.

Peaches is a very tolerating and caring doggo who seems to have a natural instinct to hang out and take care of kids. Willow’s mother explained that Peaches did not have any issue with Willow tugging at her.

Now Willow has passed her 5th birthday and she is able to go on little walks with Peaches. And on top of that, these two friends have a new family member, Willow’s baby brother! The trio seems to be happy as ever and Peaches proves that friendships can come out of nowhere and last for a lifetime.