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A Stray Cat Helps A Baby Bobcat Who Has Lost His Mother

A young bobcat was left by his mother but was adopted by a stray cat mama. She treated the young bobcat as if it were her own.

Meet Sweet Pea the mom cat and Bob the bobcat (who is just a few days old).

On May 3rd, a kind Samaritan sought assistance at the Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. She carried a box containing a little cat, but it wasn’t just any kitten. It was a bobcat, a wild cat. Erica Chacon of Sarge’s told Love Meow, “He was found as an orphan.”

The woman who found the bobcat had seen a mother bobcat near her house the night before, but the young bobcat had been left behind the next day.

She rescued the little wild cat and transported him to the shelter after being unable to reunite him with his bobcat mother. The young bobcat had only been alive for a few days. It was crucial for his life that he had a nursing mother. They also rescued a stray mother and her five kittens on the same day. They realized that the only way he could save them was to introduce them. The timing could not be more ideal!

What occurred next brought a smile to everyone’s face.

He started eating 15 minutes after they introduced the young bobcat to his new mother, Sweet Pea. They knew he was going to be OK at that point.

Bob took a little longer to wean than Sweet Pea’s own kittens, but he grew to love having a surrogate mother. Sweet Pea gave her adoptive kitten a great deal of love and devotion.

Their love for each other was so strong that it inspired everyone at Sarge’s.

After saying his goodbyes to his cat mom, Bob went to a wildlife refuge for rehabilitation.

Sweet Pea was ecstatic to be a surrogate mother!