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Cat Approached Woman, Pleading For Assistance So That All Of Her Kittens May Live Happily Ever After

Outside a resident’s home in Arizona, a nice stray appeared and begged for food. Sandy, the cat’s owner, observed her big tummy and assumed she was expecting a child.

The cat walked right in once she opened the door. Sandy was surprised to discover not one, but five new additions to the house a few days later. Sandy asked help from her local rescue, Jin’s Bottle Babies, in order to provide them with the best possible care.

Jen, a rescue foster, welcomed them with open arms. Jen said Love Meow, “When I went to pick them up, the cat mom (name Jade) came right up to me for chin scratches.”

The mother cat rapidly adjusted to her new surroundings and expressed her desire to be loved. “She’s not only a fantastic mother, but she’s also a lovely young lady. She got up and followed me about chirping if the kids weren’t feeding.”

Hunter, the eldest of the kittens, was a mama’s boy. He was fearless, outspoken, and the first to figure out how to use the litter box.

Hunter had a reputation for causing havoc and keeping his mother on her toes. He’d perfected the art of deception, and no playpen could keep him from escaping.
Jade was a wonderful mother to her demanding five children, who she catered to on a daily basis. If a kitten screamed for her attention, she would rush over and shower them with kisses, hugs, and unconditional affection.

It took Jade a bit to get used to living in an enclosed area. Despite how much she wanted to snuggle with her people, she used to be afraid of furniture and would sleep on the floor.

Her personality grew with time, and she was no longer scared of anything in the home. Hunter was always hanging around Jade, attempting to entice her to play and wrestle.

When it came time to adopt, Jen intended to pair mom Jade with one of her kittens so she’d always have a child to share her happily ever after with.

You may follow their trip in this lovely film:

Jade’s tail is Hunter’s favorite toy. Jen commented, “I usually try to send kittens home with their favorite toy if at all possible, and Hunter would be receiving his wish in this situation.”

It wasn’t long until the appropriate family appeared. They were completely smitten with Jade and her son and welcomed them into their loving household.

Jen couldn’t decide on the pairings for the last four, so she put them all on one profile and hoped they’d go in pairs. But she had no idea that the four of them were intended to be together.

“The first authorized adopter was supposed to choose the pairs for me. ‘Four please,’ I never expected the adopter to say.”

The perfect house, it turned out, had been waiting for the quartet all along. It was Jin’s Bottle Babies’ first triple adoption.

Jen told Love Meow, “They arrived with a touch of luck all along, from Jade finding the ideal person to take her in, to having a safe delivery, to Hunter going to their permanent home with his most favorite Jade, and to all four of the other kids finding their home together.”

Hunter (now Liam) is the king in his new place, and mom Jade puts up with his antics. They always snooze together and are never far apart.

“These two, the little comic team, have always made me chuckle. Liam is going to remain a barnacle on Jade’s butt for the rest of his life – a cute little barnacle, to be sure “Jen was the one who shared.

“I’m happy that this young lady picked the house she did and was able to find her way to us. She may now leave motherhood behind and become a pampered house princess for a very fortunate family.”