After Losing Their Husky In A Wildfire, The Family Notices A Strange-Looking Dog On The News And They Know Imediatly Who He Was - Animals Paradise

After Losing Their Husky In A Wildfire, The Family Notices A Strange-Looking Dog On The News And They Know Imediatly Who He Was

Max, who is about a year old, has been with his family since he was a puppy. He has two human sisters who adore him, and he enjoys going outside and playing with anything he can find, as well as spending time with his wonderful family. Max’s family adored him, and they were terrified that if the Camp Fire, which is devouring California, reached their house, they would lose him forever.

The Camp Fire started on November 8, and the Yeager family’s home was immediately threatened. Michel Yeager went into emergency mode, picking up her elder daughter from school and her younger daughter from her father’s place, then driving to her house to retrieve Max. The fire was upon them at that moment, and they were running out of time, and Max was nowhere to be seen.

“We have a really big yard, and when he’s terrified, he loves to hide under our porch, and I wasn’t able to get to him,” Yeager told The Dodo. “When I saw the ash from the fire falling from the sky, I realized I needed to get my daughters out.” We only had time to remain for around five minutes.”

The Yeager family was very positive that their home was vanished by the end of that day. They learned on November 10 that their home had not survived the fire, and as they lamented the loss of their home, they believed that Max had perished as well.

Despite the fact that Max’s odds appeared to be minimal, the Yeagers refused to lose up. They put a message on Facebook about their beloved husky, hoping that someone would notice him — and as they browsed through their newsfeed, they came across a video about a dog that had been recovered in the fires, and his name was Max.

The family initially believed the dog in the video could not possibly be their Max. Max is a husky with a thick, beautiful coat of fur, but the dog in the video was basically yellow and didn’t resemble their enthusiastic, vivacious furry family member. Despite the fact that it seemed like a long shot, they decided to investigate just in case the dog in the video was their Max.

“My husband Jeff was going through news videos on Facebook and came across one that claimed they spotted a dog called Max near Stratton’s Market on Sawmill,” Yeager explained. “We live a few houses down, so we contacted the news reporter and asked how he knew his name and everything, and he described his collar,” says the author.

The entire family rushed to visit Max as soon as they could, and they couldn’t believe he was the same dog they’d seen only days before. His hair had been burned off, and he was in poor health. Despite his anguish, Max was thrilled to see his family again, and while he appeared to have changed, he was still Max on the inside.

“It was fantastic and heartbreaking,” Yeager recalled, “with a lot of emotions from my girls and me.” “He’s the same dog, but he’s changed dramatically.” My youngest daughter is completely smitten with him. She was first startled, but after a few moments she realized it was him.”

Max is presently undergoing treatment at a veterinary hospital, and while his health isn’t ideal, everyone is optimistic that he will recover. He’ll need some time to recover, but now that he’s back with his loving family, there’s nothing he can’t overcome with them by his side.

“He’s improving,” Yeager added. “They say he will recover completely, but it will take some time.”