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Dog holds hands with everyone who visits shelter in hope someone will adopt him

Standing out in a room packed with rescue dogs is challenging – but this pooch has come up with an adorable solution.

A collie cross has been holding hands with everybody who walks past him in kennels in hope somebody will stop and be impressed by his good manners.

And lucky for Speck, his plan paid off.

Speck was taken into the Bullock County Humane Society, in Alabama, America, when he was three-years-old – and stayed in their care for just under two years until his new owners came forward.

A statement reads: “He was really hard to pass by while cleaning. He literally just wanted you to hold his hand.”

Thanks to an adorable video of Speck trying to greet everybody into the kennels, he secured a new home in upstate New York with owners Mike and Danielle.

“He will be running a 26 acre farm with Mike, his family, and two fur brothers – we are so excited,” the statement adds.

“He now has parents that will hold his furry little paws and give him lots of love. Our hearts could not be any more full than they are right now.

“Not only did Speck get adopted due to his cuteness but he also helped a few other fur babies get rescued and he got us some food donations.”

The Bullock County Humane Society is on a mission to “provide a temporary shelter and to find homes for the stray, abandoned and owner-surrendered pets in their community”.

The centre has been promoting responsible pet ownership, and educating its community on the benefits of having their pets spayed or neutered