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People Left Baffled Over Rare Dog Who Looks Just Like A ‘Cat’

Dúi the dog is mix of rare breeds and his 240,000 followers online think he looks just like a cat – even his owners Ha.i Anh and Tuan, from Vietnam, agree that he has unusual feline features

There is often a divide between the ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people’, but this unusual-looking pet could unite both groups together.

Dúi lives in the city of Hanoi in Vietnam with his owners, Hai Anh and Tuan, and despite much confusion, he is definitely a dog.

His unique appearance comes from a mix of rare breeds, including the native ancient breed of Hmong and the short-legged breed Dingo.

There’s nothing to suggest two-year-old Dúi has any feline in him, though many people across the world mistake him for a cat online.

Owner Hai Anh told The Mirror : “I’m lucky to have Dúi. He’s quite smart and looks like an English cat.”

any people believe Dúi’s body resembles that of a cat because of his fluffy grey hair, pointy ears and longer tail – but you can tell that he’s a dog by his face.

Dúi first became a social media sensation on Reddit two years ago, and brought smiles to the internet with his bizarre expressions and amusing poses.

He has since garnered more than 240,000 followers on Facebook, both in Vietnam and around the globe.

His owners regularly share snaps of him having fun, and describe him as a “happy and playful” dog.

Dúi’s name translates to “bamboo rat” in English – though nobody is yet to mistake him for a rodent.

One pooch that does get mistaken for a hamster and rat however, is chihuahua Bardo – who is unofficially the smallest dog in Britain.

Bardo is just under 8in tall and 2in wide – which is around the average size of a banana – and weighs 1.35g.