My Daughter Started Sleepwalking, I Followed Her One Night and Was Shocked by What I Saw—Story of the Day

My mother-in-law Cynthia moved in, and soon my daughter Lisa’s behavior changed drastically. She became withdrawn and tired during the day. One night, I found her sleepwalking with her teddy bear, which led me to discover a shocking truth.

Our family was once harmonious, filled with laughter and cozy dinners. Tony, an aspiring entrepreneur, had exciting news about starting his own business.

“Amelie, I found partners! I can finally start my own business!” Tony exclaimed joyfully.

“That’s fantastic, Tony!” I hugged him proudly.

“But there’s something… Cynthia wants to move in due to her health and to help with Lisa,” Tony explained hesitantly.

I sighed. “Alright, because we need the help.”

Days later, Cynthia arrived with gifts, trying to make amends despite our past tensions.

“Hello, Lisa! Grandma brought you something special,” Cynthia greeted.

Lisa smiled, hugging the teddy bear she received. Tony hoped I’d make an effort, and reluctantly, I did.

Weeks passed, and Lisa’s behavior worsened—cranky and exhausted, she sleepwalked, clutching the teddy bear.

“Lisa, honey, why are you so tired?” I asked, concerned.

“I don’t know, Mommy. I just feel sleepy,” Lisa replied.

That night, I witnessed her sleepwalking again, clutching the teddy bear. I followed quietly and overheard Cynthia instructing Lisa to take money from Tony’s wallet.

The next day, I confronted Tony, but Cynthia dismissed it. Later, money went missing, adding to the mystery.

Days later, I caught Lisa again, and this time, discovered a talking device inside the teddy bear. Confronting Cynthia with Tony, we found another device in her room, proving her manipulation.

Cynthia tearfully confessed, seeking control and feeling needed. Tony, angered yet understanding, set boundaries for Cynthia to remain part of the family.

In the end, we chose forgiveness and a path forward, determined to rebuild trust and unity, focusing on a loving environment for Lisa.