My Ex Ruined My Day at Work, I Brilliantly Took Revenge on Him the Same Day — Story of the Day

Miranda, a hardworking young Mexican immigrant, faces humiliation at her job when her ex-boyfriend Colin and his girlfriend Leslie show up at her restaurant. Despite the risk to her employment, Miranda decides to confront the pain and stand up for herself.

Miranda’s breakup with Colin had been public, plunging her into depression. Trying to build a life in a new country, she kept working to stay afloat. One day, late to work again, she apologized to her boss, Michael.

“I’m sorry, Michael. My boyfriend and I broke up, and everyone knows,” Miranda said quietly.

“Miranda, personal issues can’t affect your work. This is your final warning,” Michael replied sternly.

Things worsened when Colin and Leslie came to the restaurant. Michael refused Miranda’s request to avoid serving them, stressing professionalism. Miranda had to endure their mean jokes and rude behavior, including Colin deliberately dropping a fork and Leslie mocking her.

Miranda’s confidence shattered as Colin complained the stew wasn’t spicy enough, flipping his plate and causing a mess. Unable to hold back tears, Miranda hid in the kitchen, where Chef Robert offered her comfort and advice.

After sharing her troubled past with Robert, Miranda decided to get even with Colin and Leslie. She convinced Robert to make their food extra spicy. When Colin used a sauce-soaked napkin, he reacted strongly, causing a scene. Leslie, embarrassed, left quickly.

Michael defended Miranda, stating the dish was fine and that she wouldn’t deliberately mess it up. He discreetly handled the spicy napkin, backing up Miranda. Colin, left speechless and humiliated, had no support.

Miranda felt satisfied, grateful for Michael’s support and the lesson in empathy and respect she had learned.