My MIL and Her Friends Ate Our $1000 Wedding Cake the Night before Our Wedding, So I Taught Her a Lesson

I was heartbroken and furious when I discovered my mother-in-law Linda and her friends had devoured my $1000 wedding cake. I couldn’t believe they’d ruin my special day, leaving only crumbs behind. Determined to teach them a lesson, I devised a revenge plan.

Linda refused to pay for the cake, sneering, “It’s too expensive for something that tasted disgusting, just like your taste in everything.”

Standing in the living room, I saw the remains of my wedding cake and confronted Linda. She dismissed my anger, calling me dramatic. Linda and her friends left, smugly refusing to pay.

Desperate, I called my best friend Sarah, an amazing baker. She rushed over, and we baked a new cake, working tirelessly through the night.

At the reception, I played security footage of Linda eating the cake. Guests gasped, and Linda turned red. Alex, my husband, confronted her, and the room watched in stunned silence.

I texted a waiter, who served Linda and her friends slices of a fake cake with a note: “For those with truly tasteless appetites.” The room erupted in laughter, even Linda’s husband, William.

Despite the drama, our wedding was filled with joy. Alex supported me, and together, we turned a disastrous situation into a memorable celebration.