My Husband’s Best Friend Moved In, Expecting Me to Clean Up After Him – My Husband Took His Side, So I Taught Them Both a Lesson

“This relationship is done… even if you transformed into a model, I wouldn’t touch you!” David ridicules his wife, Megan, and abandons her for his assistant. However, soon enough, destiny flips the script and David faces the repercussions of his behavior.

The scent of cooking spices wafted through the room as Megan arranged the table with a cocktail, roast chicken, and all of David’s favorite dishes. “Just right!” she smiled to herself.

“David, you’re home!” Megan greeted.

“What are you wearing? You look awful in that!” David scoffed.

“Oh, why? Don’t you like it, dear? It’s our fifth anniversary today,” Megan murmured softly. “Did you forget?”

“Of course not,” he replied curtly.

A glimmer of hope lit up Megan’s eyes. She thought he had bought tickets to Paris since she’d always wanted to spend Christmas there.

“I have something for you,” he announced, pulling an envelope from his pocket.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she moved forward. “I thought these were the Paris tickets… what is this?”

The harsh word—DIVORCE—pierced her eyes. “Tell me it’s a joke…” Megan whispered, tears flowing down her cheeks.

David’s laugh echoed like a sinister growl. “I don’t have time for jokes. Because… I despise you.”

“Why?” Megan asked, her voice barely a whisper.

“Why?” David sneered. “Just look at yourself in the mirror… you’ll see why.”

“We can work this out,” she begged, her voice breaking.

“Just pack and leave today. I’m done with you,” he snapped.

“David, please… we can see a therapist together. Maybe fix this. I love you…” Megan chased after David, trying to prevent him from packing.

“Therapist?” he scoffed. “You’re the one who needs help, not me!”

David turned away and walked through the hallway with his bag. “I don’t owe you explanations. This marriage is over. I’m finally free,” he said, heading to the door.

“Please, David. Don’t leave me,” Megan cried.

“No time for your nonsense, alright?” David brushed past Megan. “Besides, someone is waiting for me in the car,” he added with a cruel glint in his eye.

Megan choked out, “David, who is it? Why are you doing this to me?”

“Look at yourself, Megan,” David mocked. “You’ve let yourself go. That secretary of mine, Jessica, is always fit and stunning.”