As Emily walks down the aisle, she feels as though she is finally living her wedding dream. The dress is perfect just like the venue, music, and her groom. Until it’s time for the vows when Jason completely humiliates her in front of everyone. But later, he gets a taste of his own medicine.

It was the day that I had been waiting for. After months of wedding planning and dieting to fit into my dream dress. This was the moment.

“Come on, darling,” my father said, holding out his hand, ready to walk me down the aisle to Jason.

“How do you feel?” my father asked me, kissing my forehead.

“Happy,” I said simply. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years now, Dad.”

We walked down the aisle to soft music that I had chosen months ago. The guitarist perched on a wooden stool.

“You look beautiful, Emily,” Jason said, taking my hand from my father.

The ceremony began with the priest talking about love and commitment, just as he had told us he would.

“It’s time for the vows,” the priest said, smiling at us both.

“Jason, you are my best friend, and I’ve always wanted to marry my best friend. I promise to support you, to always laugh with you, and to grow with you. I vow to be faithful and cherish every moment we have together. In this life, and the next.”

Jason looked at me and smiled, and then he turned to his groomsmen, causing them to snigger.

“Emily, my love,” he said. “I promise to always be there for you, even when you’re nagging me to take out the trash because you think the house smells.”

Jason’s groomsmen chuckled.

“And I’ll always hold your hand, especially when we’re walking through spider-infested areas because we all know how much you love those eight-legged critters.”

The groomsmen laughed louder. Some of our guests joined in.

And still, Jason continued.

“I vow to remind you to pick up your dragging feet when you walk, so we can avoid another trip to the emergency room like that time you tripped over absolutely nothing. And to taste all the burnt lasagna in the world because that’s your signature dish.”

The more Jason spoke, the more embarrassed I got.

Man Finds Out about His Bride’s Betrayal – He Goes to the Altar with a Remote Control in His Hands
Daphne is in the middle of her brother’s wedding. As a bridesmaid, she has an obligation to Denise. But when Liam surprises them all with a video revealing Denise’s ultimate secrets, Daphne has no choice but to choose her brother—even if what he did was humiliating for Denise.