I Got a Photo of My Fiancé Kissing My Best Friend Just Hours after I Left for a Business Trip — They Soon Regretted It

My fiancé cheated on me two months before our wedding, and with my best friend no less. They have both been lying to my face for months while all I did was support them financially and give them all my love. However, I gathered the strength to compose myself and plan my next steps.

Last month, I left for a business trip to another city. I was just settling into my hotel when my phone buzzed. It was a message from my sister, Emily. I thought it would be a message checking in on me, not something that would make me reconsider my entire relationship.

It was a photo of my fiancé, Mike, and my best friend, Liz, shamelessly making out outside a café. Not just any café, but the one where Mike and I had our first date. The sight of them together like that so blatantly disrespectful was a punch to the gut.

I was absolutely heartbroken. Mike and I had been together for three years, and our wedding was in two months. And Liz? She has been by my side since we were in diapers. I sat there, staring at the photo, my mind racing.

I just couldn’t understand how they could backstab me like that. I was the one paying for Liz’s college, rent, and car because her parents couldn’t afford it. I’ve been financially supporting her for the last three years. Liz was also helping me plan the wedding, all while having an affair with my future husband.

And Mike? He lives in my apartment free of charge because I wanted him to save his paychecks to start his own business like he always dreamed of. I do 90% of the chores so he can relax after work, and I’m 100% responsible for our four dogs.

I felt so stupid… How could I be so stupid?

But the moment I saw that photo, I knew it was enough. I couldn’t just let it slide. They had to pay for what they did, and just causing a scandal would be too light. I quickly composed myself and shut off my emotions.

I later learned that they shut their doors to Mike when he tried returning to their home. They told him that he had lost the best thing that had ever happened to him. They also refused to speak to him for disrespecting them through his actions.

Liz’s family all reached out to me as well to apologize. They decided to teach her a lesson as well and refused to talk to her.

Mike has been trying to reach me by creating different Facebook accounts to send me message requests and texting my phone using different numbers. While I didn’t read his messages, the notification preview had several apologies.

Mike and Liz may have gotten what they deserved, but I was still too broken. I needed a fresh start, so I asked my company if there was a possibility of relocating me and they said yes.