Deceitful Husband Involves Stepchild in Scandal, Betrayed Wife Outsmarts Him

To conceal his infidelity, Herman causes emotional turmoil for his stepson. When his spurned wife, the boy’s mother, uncovers the truth, she methodically delivers retribution.

The smooth tunes of Billie Holiday immersed the room, the singer’s voice enveloping the two intertwined on the white couch. Herman, in his thirties, and his secret lover, Jezebel, stole moments in the dimly lit living space.

“This feels so wrong!” Jezebel murmured. “What if your wife comes back early?”

“My wife hasn’t returned early in over a year! We have the whole morning,” Herman assured.

“The whole morning!” Jezebel repeated. “Well, then let’s not waste it, Mr. Loverman. Kiss me like you mean it.”

“That’s just the beginning; wait and see,” Herman replied, casting away his sweater.

They were lost in each other until a creak from the door startled them. Panic took hold; Herman’s wife was supposed to be gone for hours.

“Who could it be?” Jezebel whispered.

“It can’t be my wife,” Herman said, panicking. “She told me she was working late. Quick, get—”

The front door closed with a thud, leaving Herman to face the consequences.

A young voice broke the silence. “Herman? Are you here?” Herman’s stepson, Jake, walked in, backpack on his shoulders.

“Why are you home, Jake?” Herman asked, irritated.

“They sent us home early because of a scare,” Jake explained. “They thought someone had a gun at school. Herman, who is this lady?” Jake asked, looking at Jezebel.

Herman dismissed Jezebel’s presence. “Jake, you’re imagining things.”

“But I see a lady right there,” Jake persisted.

Herman crafted a lie about Jake’s shock from the school incident.

“Close your eyes and count to ten. If you can’t see the ghost, it can’t see you. And watch, it’ll vanish if you do that.”

Jezebel slipped into the bedroom while Jake counted. When he opened his eyes, the woman was gone.

“Did I make her disappear?” Jake exclaimed.

“You got rid of the ghost. You’re a brave boy,” Herman praised.

After coaxing Jake to keep the encounter secret, Herman allowed him unlimited screen time.

Once Jake left, Jezebel returned, disapproving of Herman’s actions. “What was that? You lied to your son?”

“Stepson,” Herman corrected. “What did you expect? Tell him the truth about us? I’ll do anything to keep us together.”