Couple Adopts a 6-year-old Boy, Finds Him Nursing a Strange Baby in His Room the Next Day – Story of the Day

Colleen and Ray brought home a young boy, Ben. The next day, they found him nursing a baby in his room. What followed changed their lives forever.

Ray asked Colleen why she was making boxed mac and cheese. “It’s for Ben. He’s been so quiet,” Colleen replied. After eating quickly, Ben returned to his room. Concerned, Colleen and Ray followed him and discovered him feeding a baby.

“Who’s baby is that?” Colleen asked.

“She’s my sister,” Ben said nervously. He explained she was the new foster baby at his old home, and he couldn’t leave her because his foster parents were abusive.

Ray comforted Ben, and they decided to call Mrs. Campbell, the foster coordinator. Ben protested, saying the Franklins were dangerous. He revealed that Mr. Franklin had hurt him.

Ray and Colleen vowed to protect Ben and the baby. They called Alana, a DCFS worker, who agreed to make them the baby’s temporary foster parents.

Mrs. Campbell called Colleen, asking about Ben’s foster parents. Colleen, trying to protect Ben, lied. Mrs. Campbell seemed suspicious, and Ben interrupted, calling Colleen “Mom.” After the call, Colleen worried Mrs. Campbell suspected something.

The next day, a truck drove past their house suspiciously. Ray called Alana, explaining the situation. They decided to move to Colleen’s mother’s house for safety.

Alana found evidence against the Franklins and came to the house. Mrs. Campbell and the Franklins arrived, demanding the baby. A confrontation ensued, and the police were called. Ben bravely confessed to taking the baby and revealed the abuse he endured. The police decided to investigate the Franklins and Mrs. Campbell.

Ben, now safe, was comforted by Colleen and Ray. They were determined to protect both Ben and the baby, whose name was Grace. With Alana’s help, they planned to adopt her. The investigation led to charges against the Franklins and Mrs. Campbell, allowing Colleen, Ray, Ben, and Grace to start fresh.