Husband Meets His Secretary for Dinner Without Realizing His Wife Is Seated Nearby

Sandra suspects her husband, Mark, of cheating when she sees him with a young woman. Her discovery of evidence fuels her suspicion, but she’s unprepared for the shocking truth Mark reveals during their confrontation.

Sandra laughed heartily and loudly as Janet recounted her foster son’s laundry mishap. But she quieted down at the disapproving glances from other patrons in the upmarket Mexican restaurant where she was dining with her best friend.

“The things we do for children,” Janet smiled. “You and Mark should consider fostering. It’s fulfilling.”

Sandra sighed, poking at the lime wedge accompanying her serving of Carnitas. She harbored doubts about bonding with a foster child, and her heart ached from the knowledge that she and Mark couldn’t have their own children.

“Isn’t that Mark over there?” Janet suddenly said, distracting her.

Sandra slid down toward the end of the horseshoe-shaped booth so she could peer past the lush, potted plants that towered above their table.

“He might be here on business. I know he sometimes brings clients here for lunch.”

“There, Sandra, just past the huge chiminea,” Janet said helpfully.

Sandra grinned when she spotted her husband weaving through the tables positioned around the chiminea in the central part of the dining room. She was about to wave at him to get his attention when he slid into the booth behind them.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting, sweetheart,” Mark said as he smiled tenderly at a beautiful young woman before he took her hand and pressed a kiss to her knuckles.

Sandra’s heart raced. Janet moved beside her, offering a low-voiced comment. “I’m not sure that’s a business meeting, sweetie.”

Tears welled up in Sandra’s eyes. Despite twenty years of marriage, her husband was having an… affair?

“But maybe I’m wrong,” Janet continued in a falsely cheerful whisper. “I mean, I’ve often had to flirt a little with prospective clients to get them to loosen up. Maybe Mark’s doing the same thing.”

“No, I think we both know what’s going on over there, Janet,” Sandra hissed. She snapped up her fork and rose. “I’m going to go over there, tell him what a jerk he is, and stick this fork right in his—”