He Disguises Himself as a Chauffeur to Test His Wife’s Love

A distrustful millionaire masquerades as a limo chauffeur to uncover the truth about his gorgeous young wife’s afternoon activities, and what he finds astonishes him.

When Eric Montpelier turned 18, he resolved to marry Rachel Harrington. Rachel was hilarious, gorgeous, and vivacious, and to Eric’s fortune, she felt the same for him.

Their families were long-time friends, and everyone endorsed the bond between these two affluent and influential families. Eric and Rachel seemed perfect in every aspect. Who could have foreseen any conclusion other than a ‘happily ever after’?

Yet, three days before the wedding, Rachel and her three close friends took a ‘girls-only’ trip to Las Vegas. On their return journey, an 18-wheeler’s brakes failed, resulting in tragedy for four families.

For the first year, Eric existed in a haze. He believed it was all a terrible dream from which he would soon wake up. He expected Rachel to walk in, laughing, at any moment, returning life to normal.

But naturally, that didn’t happen, and Eric had to confront the reality that his beautiful bride was lost at just 23. He had to rebuild his life from the ruins of his dreams.

Eric’s parents were at a loss on how to help their grieving son. His father suggested that he join him in the business to divert his mind from his sorrow.

Eric dedicated himself to his father’s chain of gas stations, and his focused determination quickly propelled the successful business even higher. The issue was that 10 years later, Eric remained solitary.

His father grew concerned, especially after falling ill. Eric then assumed complete control of the company. “Look, I wanted him to distract himself from his grief,” his father expressed to his mother, “not live solely for business!”

They urged him to date and even introduced him to the eligible daughters of their wealthy friends, yet Eric found none of these women appealing.