My Blood Froze When I Opened My Husband’s Drawer the Day after Moving in with Him

Freya was excited to start her new life with George at his family’s fairy-tale-like estate. Shortly after moving in, Valerie, the maid, gave Freya a cold stare and later tipped her off about George’s secret life with a message on Freya’s phone: “Check your husband’s drawer. The top left one, specifically. Then RUN!”

Inside the drawer, Freya found love letters and a key. The letters were written by George to a woman named Elena, revealing a deep past love and plans for a future together. The final letter was dated just three days before George proposed to Freya. The key led Freya to a dusty attic filled with photographs of George and Elena, including an ultrasound image of their unborn baby.

“Elena is my sister,” Valerie revealed. She explained that George had abandoned Elena when he learned their baby had Down syndrome, seeing them as a burden. George’s sister confirmed that the attic was his favorite room.

Freya, with Valerie’s support, confronted George’s family. “Is this true?” George’s father demanded. George’s silence was damning. The family fallout was swift; George was disinherited, and his inheritance was redirected to support Elena and her child.

Freya was granted a divorce and received assets meant for George. She used the funds to start a foundation for children with disabilities, managed by Valerie and supported by George’s mother. Freya turned her heartbreak into a mission to help others, ensuring a positive outcome from a devastating revelation.