How to cook corn on the cob with Just 2 Simple

Corn on the cob shines as a top summer produce favorite. Its preparation simplicity and taste make it a seasonal highlight, suitable for numerous delightful recipes.

Key Ingredients: For an enhanced taste, just add milk and butter. “Before placing the corn in the pot, add about a cup of milk and a few tablespoons of butter to the boiling water,” advises the original recipe. This combination infuses the corn with irresistible flavors, transforming it into a mouthwatering dish after just 7-8 minutes of cooking.

Serving Suggestions: If you’re eager to diversify your corn dishes, consider these options:

  • Grilled Mexican Street Corn: Perfect for barbecues, this recipe tops grilled corn with a tangy, creamy sauce.
  • Summer Corn Salad: A light, refreshing choice for pairing with meals.
  • Cheddar Bacon Ranch Corn: A decadent mix of cheddar, bacon, and ranch for a savory treat.These variations ensure your corn on the cob remains a staple at any summer gathering, promising a palette of flavors that cater to all tastes.