Randоm Hоrsе Snеaкs Intо Man’s Liνing Rооm And Maкеs HеrsеIf Right At Hоmе - Animals Paradise

Randоm Hоrsе Snеaкs Intо Man’s Liνing Rооm And Maкеs HеrsеIf Right At Hоmе

There are certain things you just don’t expect to find in your home, and one of those things is a random horse.

But that’s exactly what Doug Renoe from Dunedin, New Zealand, found in his house.

The strange horse had wandered into his living room and settled in likе it was the mоst natural thing in the world and that it’d always lived there.


But despite the horse’s casual attitude, Dave was pretty sure that he would have remembered if he had a horse for a roommate.

So Dave made a quick pоst on Facebook where he inquired to as to whether anyone in the area was missing a horse:

“Is anyone in Highcliff area missing a horse? This one has come inside eaten half my dinner and also my wife’s carrots from garden. We will keep her for a pet if not claimed.”

Ben Telfer-Hynes

And as it turns out, someone was indeed missing a horse.

When Ben Telfer-Hynes got word that his horse Sharq had decided to move in with a strange man, he was relieved to know that his girl was alright.

However, he wasn’t about to let her move in with a strange man all willy-nilly, and so he went over to Renoe’s house to bring the horse back home with him.

Ben Telfer-Hynes

Sharq accepted that her adventure was over and obediently followed her pet-dad home.

Telfer-Hynes explained that Sharq is an indoor horse, so she thinks it’s perfectly natural to wander around inside.

We hope Sharq enjoyed her little adventure at least as much as we’ve enjoyed hearing about it!