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Penguin Tries To Show Off For Photographer With Hilarious Results

Brian Bailey works on a cruise ship and therefore gets to explore a lot of really cool places. One of his favorites is Saunders Island, an island in the Falkland Islands, for one main reason: the birds.

“There are gentoo, southern rockhopper, Magellanic and king penguins, black-browed albatross and king cormorants all nesting on the island,” Bailey told The Dodo. “The striated caracara will steal your backpack if you’re not careful. It’s an absolute birder’s paradise!”

Bailey loves to spend his free time venturing over to the island and snapping pictures of all the different birds who cross his path. One day, he was focused on taking photos of the gentoo penguins as they launched themselves out of the water and onto some nearby rocks. He was getting some great shots — until Gerry showed up.

A not-so-graceful penguin, whom Bailey named Gerry, was trying to jump from the ocean just like the rest of his friends, but, unfortunately, he couldn’t quite master the technique. Bailey was trying to get photos of his graceful friends, but instead he got a bunch of shots of Gerry just trying his best.

“I was snapping away, and I caught Gerry leap out, slip, slide, slam into the rock, try to recover, stand up, slip again, [be] overcome by a wave, give up and [go] back into the sea,” Bailey said.

Poor Gerry hoped no one had seen his little mishap, but, unfortunately for him, Bailey got it all on camera.

“Gerry swam a little bit and came back for a second try and successfully made it to the beach,” Bailey said.

Bailey couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the photos he’d captured and decided to post them online to spread the joy. Now, Gerry has his own fan club of people who love him for exactly who he is.

“Watching Gerry was only about five minutes, but it’s brought so much laughter and smiles to so many,” Bailey said.