After sneaking in after last call, Chubby Opossum is escorted from the bar. - Animals Paradise

After sneaking in after last call, Chubby Opossum is escorted from the bar.

The lights had all been turned off and ‘last call’ announced at Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches, Texas, early last Saturday morning. But, evidently, that was not enough to keep one furry local from sneaking inside anyway.

He was an opossum — and it would take more than being told, “Bar’s a-closin’,” to send him on his way.

According to a spokesperson for Banita Creek Hall, it was actually a customer named Jessica who first spotted the sneaky animal making his way inside.

“Jessica noticed that the opossum wandered in through one of our doors that is closest to our parking lot,” the spokesperson told The Dodo. “She approached him and noticed that he was very calm, but wanted to make sure he wasn’t in harm’s way around a ton of people.”

So, the opossum’s well-being in mind, Jessica played the part of bouncer.

In line with the Opossum Society of the United States’ guidelines on how to pick up an opossum, Jessica grasped the chunky intruder by the base of his tail and started escorting him outside. The other bar patrons looked on, questioning, perhaps, if they were merely seeing things.

“[Jessica] was super calm and just wanted to help the little critter out,” the bar spokesperson said.

Here’s that moment on video:

Though the video ends there, Jessica continued outside, where she released the opossum away from the crowd.

Fortunately, that was enough to convince the animal that he should probably move along.

For Jessica’s part in seeing the opossum be safely relocated from their establishment, Banita Creek Hall plans to serve her for free.

“Let’s just say her next couple of rounds are on us,” the spokesperson said.