When a missing blind senior dog smells his family again, he loses it. - Animals Paradise

When a missing blind senior dog smells his family again, he loses it.

Three years ago, a senior pup named Binky slipped through the front door while his family was moving. Binky, also known as Mr. B., was 15 years old and medically fragile, so his family worried about him instantly. They delayed their move for days and looked for their beloved pup everywhere, but they couldn’t find him anywhere.

“They searched for him as long as they could, but they eventually had to move,” April Howard, director of Dorchester Paws, told The Dodo.

Knowing that Binky had a microchip with their contact information, the dog’s loving family waited for a call from his future rescuer. Years passed, and the family was about to give up hope when they finally received the news they’d been hoping for.

“Binky was found wandering in a neighborhood in Summerville, South Carolina,” Howard said. “He was in rough shape, to say the least.”

To everyone’s surprise, not only had Binky survived on his own for years, but he’d traveled from his home state of Georgia to South Carolina. Unfortunately for the little guy, his exhaustive journey showed in his appearance.

“His fur was so matted everywhere, especially on his eyes. It was hard to tell if he even had eyes,” Howard said. “His nails were so overgrown they curled, he smelled horrible and his teeth were rotting.”

Thankfully, the Good Samaritan who found him called Dorchester Paws, who stepped in right away to help Mr. B. They brought the sweet dog to the vet clinic, then began a much-needed makeover.

“The intake and medical team started to shave off the mats and started many medications right away,” Howard said. “Seeing him shaved was relieving, as he could open his eyes all the way, which I’m sure felt so much better.”

Binky’s caregivers were heartbroken at the thought of him being in so much pain, but the dog’s sweet demeanor told them he was OK.

“Despite how horrible he must have felt, he was friendly and seemed relieved to be at the shelter,” Howard said.

After removing his hair, the vet team scanned Binky for a microchip. They were ecstatic when the scanner lit up with a match.

Minutes later, Howard was dialing the number associated with Binky’s microchip. When his family answered, they were stunned to hear that their beloved dog was alive — and safe.

“The family was in disbelief. They said, ‘Are you sure it’s Mr. B.?!’” Howard said. “Binky was already a senior when they adopted him, so they never thought they would see him again.”

Binky’s family lived six hours from Dorchester Paws, but the devoted staff refused to let that get in the way of their reunion. Without skipping a beat, one of Binky’s caregivers loaded him into their truck and drove him back home.

Binky’s family started crying as soon as they saw their tiny, resilient pup at their door.

Now 18 years old, Binky was mostly blind and deaf. He couldn’t see or hear his family, but, as soon as they cradled him in their arms, he picked up their scent.

“It took him a moment to realize who was holding him,” Howard said. “He started to sniff the air and then get excited — he knew it was his family!”

Binky’s excitement was palpable. The loving dog happily lapped everyone’s tears of relief with even wetter kisses. Finally, he was home.The weeks following Binky’s homecoming were full of bliss. The pup’s family showered him with love each day, making up for lost time. They held him tight and told him just how special he was.