Dоnкеу With A GоIdеn Vоiсе Sings Tо Thе Man Whо AIwaуs Brings Hеr Trеats - Animals Paradise

Dоnкеу With A GоIdеn Vоiсе Sings Tо Thе Man Whо AIwaуs Brings Hеr Trеats

A little over a year ago, Martin Stanton was out for a walk with his camera when he encountered an adorable donkey named Harriet hanging out in a field near his home in Ireland.

From the first moment, Stanton was smitten — and it was then that he decided to introduce himself by gifting Harriet a treat.
“I’m an animal lover,” Stanton told The Dodo. “I saw her, so the next day I brought her carrots.”

From there, a beautiful friendship began to blossom.

Since that first encounter, Stanton has made spending time with the donkey a regular thing. He’s even taken the time to meet Harriet’s owners, whom he describes as “really lovely people” who dote upon her, too.

“Oh, she’s so spoilt,” Stanton said, nevertheless happy to contribute to that cause. “I’ve been visiting her for over a year now and I always bring her treats!”

But recently, the dear donkey gave Stanton an unforgettable gift in return. Turns out, Harriet has a surprisingly sonorous singing voice — and she put on a performance for Stanton, as if to say thanks for all the treats.

Here’s that moment on video:

While Harriet’s style of crooning might not land her any record deals in the near future, it’s made Stanton love her even more all the same:

“That was the first time I’ve heard her sing,” he said. “I couldn’t stop laughing. She’s totally adorable. So friendly and gentle.”

The donkey certainly earned her carrot that day — and in a way, this glimpse into Stanton and Harriet’s sweet friendship really is likе getting a treat for the rest of us.