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A man out hiking finds a baby bear that is dy.ing, jail-time to save it’s Iife

Corey Hancock, a photographer, was exploring a gorgeous route in Oregon late on Monday night when he came upon a young bear cub that was approximately three months old.
Because the unfortunate bear was in such a precarious situation, Hancock was able to identify that he was about to pass away. When he first approached him, the infant was scarcely moving, and it appeared that his mother had аbаndоnеd him: he was alone.

It was impossible for Hancock to abandon the young bear cub there to perish in those environment. Therefore, he made the decision to sаvе him rather than let him perish, and he carried him for more than two kilometers while worrying about whether or not he would make it.

At one point, he also provided him with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and the infant took a breath after receiving it. It was clear that he was having a hard time simply keeping his breath.

He sent the young bear to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, which is located close to Salem, Oregon. There, the bear is currently undergoing treatment for malnutrition and dehydration; nevertheless, he is doing significantly better than he was before.

There are a lot of people who are knowledgeable about animals who disagree with Hancock’s decision to try to sаvе the tiny bear. They believe that he had no right to even approach the bear in the first place.

According to the rules established by the Oregon Division of Fish and Wildlife, the person who sаvеd the baby bear might have been subjected to a fine of up to $6,000 or perhaps spent up to a whole year in jail for their actions.

The Oregon State Police, on the other hand, have stated that Hancock will not face any kind of punishment for helping the baby bear.

This article was posted by digital photographer Corey Hancock on his Facebook web page after it was published.

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