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Woman Cooking Dinner Suddenly Discovers A Deer In Her House

This week, Jess Digby was at home in Michigan when something unexpected happened. While in the kitchen cooking dinner for her family, she suddenly heard a loud crash.

At first, Digby thought it was her young daughter making a racket in the other room.

But she was wrong. Very wrong.

Pausing the meal prep, Digby decided to investigate the noise and make sure her daughter was OK. That’s when she discovered the shocking truth:

“I was running around the house looking for her — and boom. A deer,” Digby told The Dodo.

Sure enough, it was a deer who had, for whatever reason, come crashing though a window into Digby’s home. Eventually, amid the resulting confusion, she’d ended up in one of the kids’ rooms — atop the bed.

Thankfully, despite the broken glass and confined space she’d found herself in, the deer didn’t appear to be injured.

It seems she was as taken aback about the whole situation as the family she’d intruded upon.

Unsure of what else to do about the behooved intruder, Digby’s husband called the police for help.

After arriving, they were able to gently guide the deer back outside without causing any further damage.

Digby watched that moment unfold from the front yard, along with some concerned neighbors.

The deer was once again free.

With the deer back on her way, Digby did have some cleaning up to do. But she’s not holding any grudges about the unusual encounter.

“It was actually a blessing,” she said. “As rare and strange as this is, I consider us lucky. The damage could have been a lot worse and someone could have gotten hurt. [Plus] I got to meet some new neighbors. So, all in all, God has a funny way of bringing everyone closer together.”

Digby then added:

“No hard feelings [against the deer]. It was definitely something you don’t see every day! It’s definitely a memory for the books. And what a story the kids are going to be able to tell!”