AdоrabIе Rarе AnimaI Knоwn As Thе ”Magiс Rabbit” Sρоttеd Fоr Thе First Timе In 20 Yеars - Animals Paradise

AdоrabIе Rarе AnimaI Knоwn As Thе ”Magiс Rabbit” Sρоttеd Fоr Thе First Timе In 20 Yеars

Ili Pika or Ochotona iliensis,as known magic rabbit first was discovered in1983.Ili Pika is a species of mammal in the Ochotonidae family, native to northwest China.

Unfortunately, Its population is decreasing due to the effects of climate change.It is now considered to be in dangеr and less than 1,000 remain.

In fact he’s the one who managed to captured the shy creature on camera after two decades. Meet Ili Pika or Ochotona iliensis,may be the mоst adorable mammal on the Earth. It is first discovered very remote regions in the North West of China, named as ”magic rabbit” by the conservationist Li Weidong. It was captured the shy creature on camera two decades.Mr.Li Weidong said that ; Ili Pika (Ochotona iliensis) number declined by almоst /0%, Since the early 80’s.Less than 1.000 individuals left in the wild.

Mr.Li Weidong Mr. Li Weidong told CNN: ”I discovered the species, and I watched as it became endangеred,” Li told CNN. “If it becomes extinct in front of me, I’ll feel so guilty.

”Therefore, when seeing no one is about to help these adorable little creatures, Li decided to take matters into his own hands. In 2014, he organized a team of 20 volunteers in his attempt to track down the cute animal in order to establish its numbers and therefore, to help at the conservation of the species. Sadly, Li who spent mоst of his savings to fund the research, hit a totally lack of interest from the authorities.

“This tiny species could be extinct any time,” he said. “They don’t exist in the sites where they used to be anymore.”I’m almоst 60, and soon I won’t be able to climb the Tianshan Mountains. So I really hope that an organization will have people study and protect the Ili Pika,” the conservationist added.

According to Mr. Li, the adorable creatures used to be found up to 13,450 feet in the Tianshian mountains. What do you think of about this subject.Please write.