Rafting Guidе BattIеs Rushing Raρids Tо Saνе StruggIing DuскIing - Animals Paradise

Rafting Guidе BattIеs Rushing Raρids Tо Saνе StruggIing DuскIing

Lewis Wilson, a rafting guide in Llangollen, North Wales, noticed something odd at the bottom of the Town Falls rapids while kayaking on April 18.

A group of ducklings was trapped, surrounded by rushing water, with no mom in sight. As the day continued, Wilson couldn’t stop thinking about the ducklings, so he decided to take action.

He paddled down to the rapids as fast as possible and spotted one duckling still trapped. Scooping the little duckling into his kayak, Wilson paddled to calmer water and was able to bring the duckling ashore.

“After rescuing [the duckling], he kept it overnight with him in his van before he traveled to us the next day,” Deb Bolger, the community fundraiser with Cuan Wildlife Rescue, told The Dodo. “The duckling kept him awake as it was cold. So basically, he slept with the duckling in his hands to keep it warm. As ducklings aren’t waterproof, they can die very quickly if they get cold.”

Once Wilson handed the duckling over to rehabilitators at Cuan Wildlife Rescue, the little duck joined a family of orphaned ducklings, and now they are all being cared for together.